Jul 16

A lightweight golf bag is designed to be easy to carry, hold between 6-10 clubs, and have enough storage for your golf basics. For serious golfers, a lightweight bag might be their secondary bag, but could be the only bag a casual player owns. Here are some of the Best Lightweight Golf Bags for 2021. The idea behind a lightweight golf bag: keep the game simple – don’t burden yourself with extra gear you don’t need to enjoy playing golf.

When would you use a lightweight golf bag? A quick trip to the driving range. Have you tried one of the new, high-tech driving range options (Top Golf or Drive Shack)? They’re better if you bring your own clubs, but it can be awkward bringing your entire set. A lightweight golf bag is perfect for this situation. Heading out to play a par 3 course? Throw your wedges and putter in a lightweight golf bag and enjoy the afternoon.

The vast majority of golfers will shoot the same score using 6-8 clubs as they do with 14. You may quickly realize a lightweight golf bag is all you need. Walk the course, get some exercise, and save your back from that heavy bag.

Key Features of Lightweight Golf Bags

Sold. You love the idea of a lightweight golf bag, but there are endless options on the market. How do you find the best lightweight golf bag for your game? A quick google search and you will find various styles, shapes, and brands, but which features really matter? Key features to consider:

  • Weight – you want to make sure your lightweight golf bag is actually light.

  • # of Clubs – how many clubs can the bag comfortably hold? You will see everything from 5 to all 14, but we would argue if you are carrying all 14 clubs you have sort of missed the point of a lightweight golf bag.

  • Storage – less is more, but you do want enough storage to carry your golf essentials

  • Appearance – we all want to look good carrying our lightweight golf bag to the range or down the fairway.

  • Price – depending on your budget, price is a factor for all golf investments.

With these key features in mind, we have searched for the best lightweight golf bag and come up with our top 15 list for 2021.

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