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With so many great pieces of equipment on the market, how do you know which GPS is the best for hunting? Each product in the previous list brings something unique to the table. They each have features that make them desirable when compared to the competition. But what are those features? And which of those features are most important to you? To begin with, here are the three top qualities to keep in mind before buying the Best GPS for Hunting in 2021.

The Speed

The number of satellites that the GPS uses for location information plays a role in the speed and accuracy of the device. At the very least, you want a GPS that connects to 12 different satellites.

Using a fewer number of satellites means it will take longer to calculate your current position. It may take as long as twenty seconds if the device is connected to less than 12. Fewer than that and you could be looking at close to a minute, which is not a good number.

The functionality

This is a broad category with certain areas that will be more important to some people than to others. It relates to how easy the GPS is to use as well as what all that it can be used for. The best devices can serve several different functions and they make it easy to do so. For example, you might want to mark a location for a route or you might want to mark a location as a place of interest.

Some devices will only let you do one or the other. If you only plan on marking trails, then the ability to identify numerous points of interest may not be incredibly important to you.

The durability and lifespan

This applies to the device as a whole as well as the battery on a regular basis. The fanciest, most advanced GPS in the world won’t be of much help if it breaks the first time you drop it out of a stand. When it comes to hunting, you need a GPS that is tough and durable. That means it can withstand pressure as well as water.

Battery life is extremely important as well. Your device needs to stay alive for the entirety of your trip. Otherwise, you’ll need to keep spare batteries prepared. Most devices are rechargeable, but there are some that still use standard batteries you purchase at the store. Each has its own advantages.


A handheld GPS comes with standard accessories such as carrying cases, USB cables and mounts. Mounting systems are a great way to use the unit for other purposes than hunting. You might even be able to use it in your car.

Although a USB cable may not be necessary for all users, most modern smart electronic devices include one. You’ll likely have one in your home.

If you have the budget, rechargeable batteries can be a great option. The model’s final price will dictate the accessories that you receive with your device.

Latest updated maps

Some models have more maps than others. Some models can only be used in the United States or Canada. No matter if you are buying the maps directly from the manufacturer, it is important to keep the maps updated. You might find yourself in a bad situation if you forget to update your map after you have been using the trail for several years.

A map subscription that costs $30 per year may be the best option for some customers, but it might not work for everyone. There are many websites that provide maps and satellite imagery at no cost. You can download high-quality imagery as well as free spatial data from some of these websites.

Two of the most popular are the U.S. National Agricultural Imagery Program (USAI) and the United States Geological Survey’s Seamless Data Warehouse (USAGS).

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Jul 16

A lightweight golf bag is designed to be easy to carry, hold between 6-10 clubs, and have enough storage for your golf basics. For serious golfers, a lightweight bag might be their secondary bag, but could be the only bag a casual player owns. Here are some of the Best Lightweight Golf Bags for 2021. The idea behind a lightweight golf bag: keep the game simple – don’t burden yourself with extra gear you don’t need to enjoy playing golf.

When would you use a lightweight golf bag? A quick trip to the driving range. Have you tried one of the new, high-tech driving range options (Top Golf or Drive Shack)? They’re better if you bring your own clubs, but it can be awkward bringing your entire set. A lightweight golf bag is perfect for this situation. Heading out to play a par 3 course? Throw your wedges and putter in a lightweight golf bag and enjoy the afternoon.

The vast majority of golfers will shoot the same score using 6-8 clubs as they do with 14. You may quickly realize a lightweight golf bag is all you need. Walk the course, get some exercise, and save your back from that heavy bag.

Key Features of Lightweight Golf Bags

Sold. You love the idea of a lightweight golf bag, but there are endless options on the market. How do you find the best lightweight golf bag for your game? A quick google search and you will find various styles, shapes, and brands, but which features really matter? Key features to consider:

  • Weight – you want to make sure your lightweight golf bag is actually light.

  • # of Clubs – how many clubs can the bag comfortably hold? You will see everything from 5 to all 14, but we would argue if you are carrying all 14 clubs you have sort of missed the point of a lightweight golf bag.

  • Storage – less is more, but you do want enough storage to carry your golf essentials

  • Appearance – we all want to look good carrying our lightweight golf bag to the range or down the fairway.

  • Price – depending on your budget, price is a factor for all golf investments.

With these key features in mind, we have searched for the best lightweight golf bag and come up with our top 15 list for 2021.

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Jul 16

If we talk about soya chaap, then the trend of serving it as a starter in parties and marriage functions is increasing in India. The main feature of soya chaap is it cooks in the oil pan as well as tandoor. You will find this food item easily from malls to Dhaba ( Roadside Restaurant). In this article, we will talk about all the information on How to start soya chaap manufacturing business in India?

People are changing their food habits and shifting from non-veg to veg to start a healthy and non-meat eating lifestyle. Many are aware of their health and want to adopt a healthy way of life. In today’s time, people are very busy with their work and career that they forget to give for their health. Eating proper and healthy food is a necessity in today’s running life.

For good health you need to eat healthy food which has many nutritional value. At the top of the list of healthy food items, which are rich in proteins and less in cholesterol is soyabean. For vegetarians, soyabean is very effective as it substitutes their protein needs from meat and eggs. Many doctors also prefer to eat soyabean for heart patients as it is low in cholesterol and fat. This is the reason, soyabean items like soyabean milk, chunks, soyabean chaap, flour, soya Paneer, soya sauce, etc are used in our diet daily.

Raw Materials

You should have the proper soya chaap making and processing business plan before starting this business, the first thing you will need is the raw materials. Some of them are:

  • Soyabean Flour

  • Wheat Bran or Wheat Flour

  • Oil

  • Maida or All purpose Flour

Area Requirement

Soya chaap making business is a small scale business and needs very less area when compared to other heavy work business. The area required to start this business on a small scale is minimum 1500 to 2000 Sq.ft of land. If you want to store the frozen soya chaap in your cold storage, then the area will also increase. If you want to start this business, then you can store the soya chaap in other cold storage to save your place and investment.

Process of making soya chaap

While starting any food business, the main ingredient which makes them unique from other competitors is the recipe and taste. The process of making plays an important role in the taste of the final product. You should try many recipes and then fix the portion and quantity of every item which is used in the process.

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Creating links from Google Redirects don’t impact your Google Ranking. This method is purely used to manipulate DA so as to create PBNs to get sponsored guest posts and earn money. If you want to do DA manipulation or increase Domain Authority using Google Redirects links then this article is for you.

Steps to create links for Google Redirects and Increase your website DA.

First of all, let me show you some proofs on How I increased my website DA from 0 to 45+ in just 30 days. Many people are using this technique to increase their website DA and charge 30$ to 50$ for Sponsored posts.

If you are trying to figure out why I don’t used this technique for this site on which you are reading the article. The answer is I don’t want to spam this site as doing such thing don’t impact my ranking.

Without wasting any time. Let’s Start.

Step 1:- Choose the Domain version

Yes, I am serious. If you choose the wrong domain version then creating links from Google redirects to increase DA will not work for you.

First, choose the correct version of your domain i.e or or

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Jul 16

Have you ever spent hours editing your video with a free program, only to export it and have the video turn out like this or this? Today we’re going to fix that.

In this article, I’m going to be going over the top five Best free video editing software that you can use for your next video.

Now, there’s hundreds of programs you can choose from, so I wanna make sure that I choose the best software, so every single one must meet the following criteria.

Each program must be available for both Windows and Mac.

There must be absolutely no watermarks.

And the program must have all basic functionality available, so you should be able to add a bunch of video clips, trim them, add effects to them, as well as edit the music and text and be able to export it as a full video.

And so with that being said, let’s get started.

DaVinci Resolve 16

Now these programs aren’t being mentioned in any particular way, but the first one we’re going to be talking about is DaVinci Resolve 16. And DaVinci Resolve is one of my favorite editors.

It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and has all of the functionality that you can ask for. You can not only combine clips, edit your video and audio, add transitions and effects, but you can also do some key frame editing as well as color grading.

DaVinci Resolve also has more robust features, such as a frame rate editor, as well as facial recognition, so you can literally make anything you want within this software.

You can also easily export videos in a perfect format for YouTube, and there’s no limitations on the length of the video. I’m actually pretty surprised that all of this is available for free within DaVinci Resolve.

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Apr 23

Start an Automated Edible Oyster Culture Business

Edible oyster is one of the best known and most widely cultivated marine animals. The oysters are highly esteemed seafood and considered a delicacy in the USA, Europe, Japan, etc. In India, there is a growing demand for oyster meat in some parts of the country.

Until recently, oyster farming uses traditional practice only in temperate countries. The awareness about the vast potentialities for the development of oyster farming in tropics is recent.

Oyster farming

Oyster farming problems:-

In oyster farming, the routine activities like the feeding of oyster, draining & replacement of dirty water & debris consume labour work & time. Furthermore, the current oyster fish sellers do not have any background and care requirements information for the fish that they sell.

Scope for oyster farming in India

In India, James Hornell made many attempts in 1910 in developing Oyster Culture in erstwhile Madras state. Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute undertook scientific investigations at Tuticorin from the early ’70s, and as a result, a complete package of the technology is now available in the country.

Vast stretches of backwaters, estuaries, and bays present along with the Indian coast harbour natural population of the oyster suggesting the suitability of the habitat for oyster culture. Being filter feeders, the edible oyster converts primary production in the water into nutritious seafood.

Candidate species

Six species of edible oysters namely the Indian backwater oyster Crassostrea Madra Sensis, Chinese oyster, C.rivularis, West coast oyster, C.gryphoides, Indian rock oyster, Saccostrea cucullata, Bombay Oyster, Saxostrea cucullata, and giant oyster Hyostissa hyotis are found in India.

The first four species mentioned above are of commercial value.
Of the six species of oysters, the Indian backwater oyster C. Madra Sensis is the dominant species, more widely distributed, is euryhaline and inhabits backwaters, creeks, bays, and lagoons and occurs in the coastal areas of the States of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andamans.

C.gryphoides is also euryhaline and occurs along with north Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra coast. C.rivularis is found along with Gujarat and Maharashtra coast while Saccostrea cucullatais found all along the mainland coast and Andamans and Lakshadweep islands. The culture of these species is possible at places where the seed is easily available.

Key factors of the aquarium:

Heater and the temperature sensor– To regulate the temperature within the aquarium system.

Aerator– To ensure availability of oxygen within the aquarium

Inlet and outlet pumps– For in filling and draining of the system respectively.

Level sensor– To monitor the water level in the system especially during filling and draining exercise.

Dirty sensor- Enables microcontroller to change the water as at when due.

Feeder-For adequate feeding of the fishes.

Light sensor- To automate the lighting of the environment. The output elements comprising the heater, feeder, aerator, inlet pump, outlet pump and LEDs work by the microcontroller through actuators via the smart interface.

LCD- To view data input to the controller via a keypad

Investment :- 20,000 for one aquarium of size 10*10
Payback period:-  1 year

BIOLOGY, TECHNICAL PARAMETERS AND FARMING PRACTICES OF Crassostrea and all the investment and machinery info, everything about the first step till the last step.

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