Jul 16

Creating links from Google Redirects don’t impact your Google Ranking. This method is purely used to manipulate DA so as to create PBNs to get sponsored guest posts and earn money. If you want to do DA manipulation or increase Domain Authority using Google Redirects links then this article is for you.

Steps to create links for Google Redirects and Increase your website DA.

First of all, let me show you some proofs on How I increased my website DA from 0 to 45+ in just 30 days. Many people are using this technique to increase their website DA and charge 30$ to 50$ for Sponsored posts.

If you are trying to figure out why I don’t used this technique for this site on which you are reading the article. The answer is I don’t want to spam this site as doing such thing don’t impact my ranking.

Without wasting any time. Let’s Start.

Step 1:- Choose the Domain version

Yes, I am serious. If you choose the wrong domain version then creating links from Google redirects to increase DA will not work for you.

First, choose the correct version of your domain i.e or or

For more details please visit:


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